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A life-size‭, ‬highly polished‭, ‬stainless-steel Igloo‭.‬

An installation exploring global warming and our relationship with nature‭.‬

e-gloo‮ ‬reflects and replicates the local landscape‭, ‬and distorts its surroundings‭, ‬blinding and warming the viewers while echoing vanishing traditions and melting glaciers‭. ‬While humorously pointing out the dystopian consequences‭, ‬yet to come to our planets‭.‬

The e-gloo was meticulously constructed by hand while using a complex mathematical computation to recreate the classical‭, ‬clean‭ ‬form of the traditional structure‭. ‬Sealed like a burial structure‭, ‬
the reflective stainless-steel building raises questions about the role of humans in the world and their responsibility to nature‭. ‬Unlike a traditional igloo‭, ‬which when no longer in use‭, ‬dissolves into a puddle of water‭, ‬e-gloo is a memorial monument to simpler time‭.  ‬


‭ ‬e-gloo was on display in May 2020‭ - ‬May 2021‭ ‬At Musa Eretz Israel Museum
Tel Aviv’s Crafts and Design Biennale.

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