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Derived from our series of light fixtures, in which low-voltage electricity passes through the fixtures themselves, this light installation is an entire electricity-conducting space, where light fixtures can be connected at any point. The walls and ceiling of the space consist of metal strips, each one serving as either a positive or negative terminal. The strips are connected by wire bridges, thus creating an entire electricity-conducting room. Connecting a light fixture between the metal strips closes a circuit and lights it up. The wires are attached by snaps, which in turn create a graphic pattern on the wall. To contrast with the walls and metal snaps, soft lampshades were developed for the light fixtures. The result is a field of snaps spread across the walls and ceiling from which cotton light fixtures sprout. The light installation was first shown at the 2014 Fresh Paint Art Fair. Later on it was exhibited at Design Museum Holon from November 2014 to March 2016.

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