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Garmoshka, a lighting fixture that is inspired by the mechanism of scissors, The fixture is concealed within a box which is opened to reveal the light. The construction is made of steel rods which transmit low voltage electricity from the base of the lamp to the bulb.



Didi is a table lamp. The structure of the shade is the final outcome of a continual geometrical research. It is cut from a single metal sheet layout, and when folded the bending lines become light slits. Using aluminium as the material for the lamp head enables the direct cooling of the bulb by the shade, without the need to use additional cooling ribs. Didi is currently on display in Dilmos Gallery in Milan. Didi is a winner of A Design Awards 2011 and a winner of IDA International Design Awards 2011.


The Candies are made of welded water-pipe connectors, this unique object is a result of a process of cutting and re-assembling water pipes.


street lamp

The Lamp consists of 2 welded metal sheet chests enclosing a big metal cone.  
The conic head is illuminated by a bulb concealed within the upper chest, creating a channel of light. The lamp base is cast in the ground, as time passes the iron body will rust and get a rough look.  As one stands under the lamp, he can look through the frame of the channel to the sky.

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