christmas cabinets

Price: 3,500 ILS

A set of cabinets whose volumes and lines depend on one another to create visual juxtapositions of colors, patterns and shapes. This family of storage objects is designed for keeping books, clothes and other small accessories. The varied quadrilateral boxes, supported by iron rod frames, are enhanced by vintage wallpaper graphics. The bold motifs have been uniquely developed and printed directly onto the plywood structures.

MATERIALS: UV print on plywood, veneer, steel bars 

Red: 30 x 61.5 x 139 cm
Beige: 30 x 54 x 75 cm
Bluish: 30 x 74 x 139 cm
Green: 30 x 61 x 126 cm
Wood: 30 x 76 x 107 cm
Yellow: 30 x 60.5 x 104 cm

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