LEXUS DESIGN AWARDS 2014 / by Ronen Magenta

We are happy to announce that Studio Magenta has won an international design award on the "Lexus Design Awards 2014”, for a book library called "Crane”
"Crane" was exhibited at Lexus Design Amazing 2014 during Milan Design Week, April 8th – 13th 2014

On February 2013, Magenta has completed the first prototype for this playful book library, Inspired by scales and cranes.
The first construction was a contour metal cube balanced by a cement cube. The weight element was later replaced by the books themselves. Placing or picking a book from the library creates a game of balance and interaction between the person and the object.
The library contradicts the pre conception of book cases as solid and grounded objects, and allows lightness and movement within it.
Designers: Ronen Bavly , Ornit Arnon