Magenta is a product design and manufacture company established by Ronen Bavly in 1992. 

The company employs 25 craftsman, product designers and graphic designers, Israelis and Palestinian.  

The studio is a meeting place for artisans and designers, and the daily dialog between them allows us to experience and play as integral actions in the design process.  

Since Magenta is also a metal workshop it is naturally that metals and their corresponding technologies are our immediate and main building materials. We are drawn to simple constructions and mechanisms, and we try to keep them clear and exposed without hiding or complicating the details.

Since we have the need to experience the evolution of our objects in every moment and to build them with our own hands, each of them grows in the company from the inception of an idea to the final product.

This autonomic frame of work and aesthetics, allows us to build the language of our identity and the intimacy of our work.